Leave Your Skin In The Hands Of Professionals,
because the life is too short for bad tattoos.

About Us

Bloody Art Tattoo is a chain of studios, created in 2009.
Only proffessionals work in our studios, which are not only tattoo artists, but creators as well. Each client receives the needed attitude and attention. We will help you to choose the right design, beause the life is too short for bad tattoos.

For us, Bloody Art Tattoo, it is very important that the hygene is flawless. The quality of the consumables has a big importance for us, we work with paints, needles and tattoo machines with high quality only!

Stoyan Vasilev is a part of Bloody Art Tattoo team since 2016! His favorite styles are realism, dotwork, geometric, watercolor, trash polka!

Stoyan Bojilov is a part from our team since 2018! His favorite tattoo styles are new school, old school, neo tradicional,sketch, trash polka!

Iliya Nikolov works with us since 2017! His favorite styles are realism, portraits, dotwork!

Nikolai Velchev is in our team since 2017! His tattoo styles are realism, biomechanical, polynesian, japanese!

We present you our tattoo artist Dimitar Andreev!
He will works in Bloody Art Tattoo on Flower street!
Favorite styles: Realism, Dotwork, Watercolor, Neo traditional

Emily is in Bloody Art Tattoo Team for 3th year! She works in the studio in hotel Heaven. Hers preferred styles are dotwork, watercolor, japanese, polynesian, geometric!

Iliyan Vychev – the owner of Bloody Art Tattoo studios and the main artist!
His favorite styles are Portraits and Realism. He works in both of the studios in Sunny Beach!


Не попълвайте:

Bloodyart Studio Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach – Flower street

Open 24/7


Bloodyart Studio Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach – Heaven Hotel

Open from 10:00h to 00:00h


Bloodyart Studio Varna

Varna – Georgi Benkovski 33

Open from 10:00h to 18:00h